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Running a technology start-up or a small business in todays market can be the most challenging experience you will ever have. If your venture is not performing as planned or could use better access to customers, corporate partners, or new revenue streams, learn about Access Growth today.

Access Growth is a full service venture support firm servicing 85 cities throughout California, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix & Las Vegas. We specialize in supporting and growing ventures of all sizes. Contact our Urgent Business Care department if you are already established and need immediate support or our Launch Support team if you are starting up. We offer convenient payment options and financing is available.


  • Pitching Your Startup Idea

    There is lots of articles and resources concerning crafting the killer pitch and slide deck for an investor meeting, but there are really only 3 things you need to convey to investors in your initial conversation / 30 second elevator pitch.  Many entrepreneurs do not have the connections required to set up investor meetings quickly [...]

  • Vetting a Startup Idea

    It is critical vet your startup idea properly before deciding to develop a minimally viable product and start engaging with the market at large.  There are several ways to quickly analyze a new idea prior to spending significant time and resources to fully develop a new product.  The following includes suggestions on things to consider [...]

  • Kids in Africa Hacking Android Tablets

    The One Laptop Per Child program is seeing amazing things happen with Android tablets in a small village in Ethiopia.  The article on Mashable “Given Tablets But No Teachers, Ethiopian Kids Teach Themselves” is an inspiring read. Tablet computers such as the Motorola Xoom’s that are being used by OLPC to provide to children in [...]

  • Setting up a New Business: How Urgent Business Care can help

    Urgent Business Care was created solely to help out the small business owners who have the determination to thrive in our economy; however, struggle with everyday business issues that threaten to close their doors. The Urgent Business Care team focuses on advising clients to make effective business decisions to keep phones ringing, to drive revenue, [...]

  • Providing Tools for Small Business Success

    Whatever size of business you may have, the mantra “faster, better, cheaper” continues to rule the day. According to the Business Journal, nearly all businesses in America are classified as small business. This is an indication that people are investing savings and resources into new business ideas and creating products and services to provide local [...]